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Dairy Nutrition Council

Dairy Nutrition Council is a public health organization that works in co-operation with Finnish and foreign experts and organizations. It follows the latest research trends of milk and milk products and the fluctuation of consumption habits and communication. With the help of teaching material, lectures and bulletins Dairy Nutrition Council keeps nutrition and health care specialists as well as representatives of the mass media up to date in questions concerning milk and nutrition.

Dairy Nutrition Council was founded in 1958 for the improvement of public nutrition. Many Finnish health and food organizations are its members and all Finnish dairies its supporting members. Dairy Nutrition Council is impartial as far as trademarks are concerned. 

Contact information

The Finnish Dairy Council's office is located in Pasila, Helsinki.

Pasilankatu 2
P.O. Box 115
00241 Helsinki, Finland

Katariina Lallukka +358 400 566 202

Our e-mail addresses are in the form 


Katariina Lallukka,
Nutritionist and Communications manager

Master of Food Sciences, Authorized nutritionist is responsible for questions connected to milk and nutrition of different age-groups as well as follows milk and nutrition research.

Leena Mällönen, 
Public Relations Officer

Leena Mällönen takes care of many different duties, e.g. answers for material orders, keeps in touch with the Milk Maid, member organizations, media and printing houses.


Dairy Nutrition Council

Distributes informs on the significance of good nutrition and a healthy way of life for the well-being of the population
Promotes the status of milk products in the Finnish diet according to the national recommendations

Dairy Nutrition Council produces material on milk and milk products and healthy eating habits. It publishes e.g. brochures, leaflets, posters, DVDs and Internet-material.

How to order our material?

in Internet via the order form (only in Finnish and Swedish)

Unfortunately we can only deliver to addresses within Finland.

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